How it works..

I work on the computer to create all kinds of virtual models that are ready for 3D printing and graphics so if you have an exciting project that you think I can help with then get in touch.


Have a model already?

If you already have a 3D model and you need it prepared for 3D printing, I can check, fix and modify existing models to meet whatever needs you have.


Have a look on my thread at Shapeways to see what people have said about my work. You can also check out my shop there and me in the Designer Spotlight.







Please use a .zip to attach multiple files.

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Let me know your ideas or questions and ill get back to you shortly.


I am available to work on all types of projects, long term, short term, big and small so get in touch with any thing at all you think I can help with.


If 3D printing try to include things like, the scale of the model(s) and the material you might print in or the place you might have it printed at. This will help me get a quote to you in my replying email.







NDA – Non Disclosure Agreement

I understand that all work shown to me is confidential and no work I produce is put on display to the public without permission. Models that I produce are the property of the commissioner. If you wish you may provide a non disclosure agreement for me to review and sign.

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